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Revolution: Their Nets Began To Break

I felt a tug on my fishing pole. I looked up and was in disbelief by the possibility that I had actually caught something. Pastor Bruce had finally taken me (Jordan) fishing. Marissa and I recently got engaged and Bruce believed it was time for us to go fishing. I reeled in my line, took the fish off the hook, and smiled for the camera. Bruce won't admit this, but I caught more fish than him that day.

This past week of Revolution we talked about Jesus calling His first disciples. Peter, James, and John, were merely fishermen; but Jesus saw something revolutionary in them. He challenged them to go fishing, something they had already done all night and caught nothing, and trust in Him. After casting their nets, they ended up catching so many fish that their nets began to break (Luke 5:6). Afterwards, Jesus called them to leave behind their broken nets, and follow Him.

During our service we had a response time giving us the opportunity to do the same. We pondered this question:

Are you willing to leave behind your broken net?

What is your broken net? What is something that is broken in your life that God is calling you to leave behind and follow Him?

Jesus is challenging us to leave behind what is holding us back, and follow Him fully. For some, it might be an addiction. Others it might be finances. Others it might be a career. Whatever your broken net is for you, what steps are you taking every day to leave what is broken behind, and follow Him?

We want to challenge you to take this seriously. Do not allow your broken net power over your life any longer. Do not allow your pain, your baggage, your sin, or your lifestyle strength over your next step.

God is calling you towards something greater. Something revolutionary. If you hold on to what is broken, you will miss out on what God has in store for you.

We do not want to be a community of believers that get to Heaven and hear God say, "Nice thought." We want to be a community of believers that get to Heaven and hear God say, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."

We pray that you make the decision to leave behind what is broken in order to experience what God has made whole.

Take these three next steps in order to prepare your heart for the message this week:

Next Steps:

1) Declare war against your broken net today. Whether it is via journal, post it note, etc... physically declare war against the thing that is holding you back from pursuing God.

2) Spend five minutes in prayer today. Ask God to give you opportunities to be strong and courageous against your broken net.

3) Read through the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5)

Join us this Saturday night at 6:00 or Sunday morning at 9:00 & 10:30

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