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Next-Gen Initiative

As we study trends, we recognize that both giving and church attendance have been on the decline the last two decades. Unfortunately, Crossbridge trends are no different. Because of this, we are launching a Next-Gen Initiative so that we have the freedom to do ministry however God calls us to without our debt holding us back. 

What is the Next-Gen Initiative?

The Next-Gen Initiative is our goal to completely pay off our debt ($557,500) by 2027 (five years). This will give us the freedom to be able to reach future generations, however they need to be reached. We believe that God has called us to become debt-free in 5 years, so we are asking that you trust God with your finances, and pray about sacrificially giving to this initiative. This giving should be above and beyond your normal giving; and so if you haven't given in the past, we ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us so that we can continue to chase the whisper for the next-gen. Whether you are able to give an extra $10 or $500 a month, every dollar will help us honor the vision that God has placed on our hearts and is greatly appreciated. Click the link down below to setup recurring giving for this initiative. 

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