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Our Mission

To provide a safe and fun place for children with special needs in our Bridge Kids groups
and give parents the opportunity to attend worship services.

Bridge Kids Buddies

We have a team of Buddies that serve during our 9:00 am worship service. They are paired
with a child who needs some extra help in group settings. Buddies will work with that child
during the entire classroom time to help them learn about God and meet other children.

First Steps

If you have a child who needs extra help, contact the Special Needs Ministry team.
We will gather information about your child’s specific needs, abilities, limitations, likes and dislikes.
We will work with you to match them with the best class groups and buddies.

NOTE: While we want to accommodate all children, our volunteers are not trained
to administer certain medical procedures or to operate certain medical equipment.
These specifics and concerns will be addressed during the initial interview. 

For more information, or questions about Special Needs, contact our Special Needs coordinator.  

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