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Revolution: It Is Finished

It Is Finished.

Jesus, hung on the cross, looked up at the crowd and declared three simple words that sparked chaos amongst the Nation of Israel and the entire world.

You see, as Jesus breathed His last breath and said His final words, He did not waste either of them. With both, Jesus ended the Old Covenant and paved the way for the New Covenant to take over. When Jesus said the words, "It Is Finished," He was not talking about His life, though He was dying. He was not talking about the oppression of the Roman Empire, though it would soon crumble. He was not even talking about the pain that He was experiencing. When Jesus said that "It Is Finished," Jesus declared that the old had officially passed away, and the New was officially here.

The New that is simpler to understand but requires so much more. The New that was foreign to the Nation of Israel but required their participation. The New that was made up of a small, four letter word... Love.

This New Covenant that Jesus came to establish was finally implemented. When Jesus breathed His last breath and declared His last words, He claimed that we are now required to start taking this love thing more seriously. With His final words, Jesus invited every single one of us to begin the journey of loving others.

The rest of the world watched their Savior overpowered by darkness. They did not have the luxury of reading that three days later Jesus would rise from the dead and begin the Revolution. Even though Jesus told them multiple times that He would die and rise again, all of His followers were now in the waiting game. For them, the words it is finished meant that the movement was now over.

But just a few short hours would pass, and the Revolution would be brought to life.

Take these three next steps this week to prepare your heart for Easter on Sunday

Three Steps:

1) Pray for the volunteers and Pastors that are serving on Easter Sunday

2) Invite one friend or family member to church this Sunday

3) Read Luke 24

Join us this weekend for Easter Sunday at 8:30, 9:45, or 11:00!

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