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Revolution: And So It Begins

And so it began.

My friend Zach and I were pinned. We were outnumbered six to two and were running low on ammo and energy. Our air-soft toy guns could only carry us so far before we were forced to surrender. The victory was one breath away. We decided to risk it all, and run for it.

The Revolution had begun.

Over two thousand years ago, a much more serious revolution was born and placed in the hands of a baby. This revolution did not consist of guns, but a war had definitely begun. This revolution did not consist of hatred towards the enemy but rather love towards the castaway. Laying in a manger, born of a virgin teenage mother, this revolution had a name.


A Jewish boy began preaching to everyone the values of love. He began calling teenagers and young adults His disciples and challenging everyone to leave everything and follow Him. This revolution wasn’t about what we could gain; rather, it was about what He could give.

It was all about Him.

And it still is.

Spoiler alert: Jesus was killed for the values He shared and the people He pursued.

But three days later, he brought life to the revolution and restored hope for humanity through His resurrection. In his final forty days on earth He commanded everyone to love one another, leave everything, and follow Him. He challenged His disciples to leave His imprint on every life they encountered.

He began something powerful. Something unstoppable.

And now it is our turn to share the story, live like Jesus, and pursue everyone in love, grace, and truth.

Zach and I took some damage, but the risk was well worth it. The story lives on and the victory remains intact. Every revolution has some risk, but it is through commitment to its leader that keeps it breathing. Are you ready to meet the Jesus that changed everything?

Join us on Saturday evenings at 6:00 and Sunday mornings at 9 & 10:30 starting January 19th-20th as we kick off our series: “Revolution: Meet the Jesus that Changes Everything.”

In order to prepare our hearts for what this series will challenge us to do, here are three “Next Steps,” that you can take during your time alone with God this week.

Next Steps:

1) Last week Pastor Bruce challenged us to scroll through our phone contact list and find a person that we can build an intentional relationship with. We challenge you to connect with that person this week.

2) Create a Revolution Goal sheet. A list of things that you hope to grow through and accomplish during this series.

3) Read Matthew 1-2 and reflect on the significance of Jesus’s birth.

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